Noida’s boba tea places offer a haven for tea enthusiasts and curious taste buds alike. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing escape from the scorching heat or simply craving a unique beverage experience, Noida’s boba tea scene promises to transport you to a world of indulgence. From traditional classics to innovative concoctions, these places have it all . Come explore the top boba tea stores with us where aromatic teas, chewy tapioca pearls, and whimsical flavors intertwine to create an unforgettable beverage adventure.

1. Bubblelicious Bubble Tea

Bubblelicious Bubble tea offers you an authentic Taiwanese experience in Noida! They make their own boba, which is fresh and fruity. They have soothing and aesthetic interiors along with refreshing boba and delicious food. A perfect place to chill on the weekends. You cannot go wrong with their Matcha Latte paired with golden boba, and their OG- which is the Original Brown Sugar Milk Tea

2. Teayoungboba Cafe

Step into a world of deliciousness and irresistible flavours at Teayoungboa cafe. This cafe is a vibrant and lively space, and heaven for boba enthusiasts . They have a wide variety of hand blended boba teas , they also offer ramen. You can try out their Classic Del Luna, Strawberry Sarang and Goblin Matcha.

3. Burma Burma India

Burma Burma is a dine in restaurant that celebrates the flavours and culture of Burma. Except their mouthwatering dishes they also offer sweet and delicious bubble tea. Their boba teas are rich, intense, sweet and tangy and will surely leave you addicted. We recommend trying their Wild berry bubble tea and their original bubble tea.

4. Breadtalk

Breadtalk is a singapore bakery chain that serve the freshest breads, bakery products and fruity and refreshing boba tea. They have a variety of boba options that you can pair with fresh and delicious foods and dessert.

5. Cha Bar

Cha bar is a tea cafe originated in 2000, that offers a wide variety of herbal, black, ayurvedic and desi tea. Along with tea they also offer bubble tea and a variety of food like, salads, pastries , burgers and pizzas.
They offer a wide variety of bubble shakes like blueberry ,cherry, green apple and mango among others.

6. Boba Bliss by Tastery

Boba bliss is an online bubble tea store, they offer sweet and rich boba teas in a wide variety, They offer milk bubble tea, fruit milk bubble tea, fruit bubble tea, and strawberry popping boba specials among others.

7. Techies time to Tea

Techies time to tea is a cute little tea cafe situated in sector 41, they serve pizzas ,pastas, sandwiches maggi and burgers. They also serve a variety of bubble tea like coconut bubble tea, bubble lassi, bubble chai and even bubble coffee!

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