Enter Burash- the City’s Dining Room to get a whip of nature’s bounty along with a refreshing culinary experience. This contemporary casual fine dining restaurant, located in sector-132 Noida, transports you to the Mediterranean streets with each flavourful dish that you dig into.

The surreal ambience is elevated by cozy lighting and soothing music. Warm interiors and panoramic views are worth a mention here. They have an outside sitting as well for evenings.

The restaurant offers a well wrapped up exotic menu with lip smacking food and artistically curated cocktails. The soulful brews are not to be missed any day.

 Emphasis is laid on detailing and craftsmanship. Every dish is curated with deep knowledge of flavours, ingredients and nutrition. Also, the skilled chefs experiment with natural flavours of ingredients like Burash and blue pea flower. This makes artificial additives unnecessary on the plate. Lending a contemporary touch to age old recipes and presenting them with a modern twist is the thought behind each plate.

Burash is a celebration of minimalistic cooking, natural flavours and enchanting fragrance. The menu changes with seasons and is a bunch of sweet, sour and bitter aromas. The restaurant takes pride in offering sustainable dining.

The proposed roasted broccoli, sandwiches, pizzas and tacos are a tasty choice for small meals. Chocolate cakes go well with the great tea served here. Both veg and non-veg dishes are tempting and you are surely spoiled for choice. Mentioning that, their creative cocktails are equally delightful. Gin based cocktails like Burash Elixir are truly amazing.

 The kid friendly restaurant has an inviting play area and menu caters to kids as well.

So if you are looking forward to a relaxing brunch or dinner at a cozy place, then Burash is the place to be.

Weekend plans anyone?

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