Its a hot afternoon you’re probably going to work or dropping your kids to school taking exactly the same route you take everyday , somebody’s honking continuously ,somebody cut you off , nothing therapeautic about this morning right? We know that is the first thought that must have crossed your mind after reading the topic , but we want you to reverse your car and let us take you on a detour first.

Driving has always been romanticized, whether that’s in movies, in songs, in poems or stories. Long drives are also portrayed heavily in romance. That’s because long scenic drives are relaxing, comforting, make you forget about your worries, help you clear your mind and also with the right playlist are just such so much fun.

You will agree with us if you have taken a long drive away from the hustle bustle of city life. Something about being in your car is comforting and protecting like you’re in a safe space away from the tensions of your life. Driving allows you to clear your head and sometimes lets it wander aimlessly too , some rides have made me think, cry or win arguments in my head that i couldn’t win in real life.

Car rides also help us taking a break from multitasking, in this fast paced world we all want to get things done in time, we are doing 20 things at a time and have a 100 things on our mind at all times. Amisdt all this ,driving forces you not to multitask to slow down, to only concentrate on the road, for some moments all you can do is drive, not think, not work, not worry , just drive.

The act of driving is an everyday task for most of us, but taking control of your journey is what the “feel good ” factor is all about. A lot of it also comes from the body being engaged but the mind being unhinged like when you’re washing dishes or walking in these situations you’re free to think ,only your body is busy. Driving is also freedom it allows you to go wherever you want and it gives you control over your journey and your vehicle. So start the ignition , play some tunes and take the baby out!

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