If you’ve ever been intrigued by the idea of shaping clay with your hands and bringing your artistic vision to life, then enrolling in pottery classes might be the perfect opportunity for you, pottery not only relaxes you but also makes you feel productive. We have compiled a list of some fantastic studios in town that provide holistic pottery classes. Choose one and begin working on your own masterpiece!

Claying Thoughts Pottery Studio

A very warm, cozy and comforting ambiance awaits you at Claying Thoughts Pottery Studio. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your hands dirty, and we’ve been told that being creative isn’t required—as nobody will judge you and your disfigured figurines. Prices for a one-day adult workshop and one-day kids workshop are INR 1,000 and INR 500, respectively. 

Location: Sector 21, Noida

Wildfern Pottery Studio

At Wildfern Pottery Studio, pottery will allow you to escape the stresses of everyday life and focus on your creation. Indulge in the ancient therapeutic art, and spin the clay to offer a complete relaxation to your mind and soul. 

Location: Sector 46

ARK Studio

Watch the pot rise up from a lump of clay at the wheel with the beautiful pottery process at ARK Studio. Apart from adults, the studio also hosts pottery classes for kids over weekends. Visit the place and create fresh pieces of art on the go.

Location: Sector 100

Kridha Greens – The  Essence of Organic Living 

Purely a retreat to your senses, Kridha Greens offers you with a lot more than just pottery workshops. The Lawn, Tropical Villa, Cafeteria, Organic Farm, and Workshops topped with  nature trails and excursions, modern amenities, and bespoke hospitality makes this place a popular attraction among residents. .

Location: Sector 128

Studio Nendo

Indulge in some meditative making at Studio Nendo with their beginner-friendly pottery classes. They offer a range of courses for all levels of interest. The trial class will cost you INR 2000 and a pottery date with your partner will cost you INR 3500. You an also shop beautiful ceramic products from their website.

Location: Sector 56, Noida

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